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Du bist ( You are ) was the Austrian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, performed in German by Tie was the only song in the Austrian semi-finals of this year to be sung in German.

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Translation for du bist in the free German-English dictionary and many other English translations.Du bist translates as you are.Already exists as an alternate of this question.

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an honest answer. Only "du bist" is correct German and means "You are." The rest is not, and makes no sense. Ey yo, Spieglein, Spieglein im Handy, sag mir : Bin ich der King? Auf einer Skala von eins bis gutscheine zehn. The correct form would be: Meine Gte, Du bist hbsch which translates as My Goodness, you're pretty. You are a Berliner. German Du bist immer gleich wütend! (as in "you are a person from Berlin" or "you are a person living in Berlin. Du bist - you are mein Liebchen - my darling Liebchen is a rather old-fashioned expression, you would use mein Schatz or mein Liebling today. Leben ohne Grenzen - und einsam bist du nie. So maybe what do you wish for? GermanWas bist, du für ein cleveres Kerlchen! Austrian entry at the, eurovision Song Contest 2004, performed in, german. GermanWir sind am Arsch, und du bist schuld! Which German player are you? You are my beloved. Frag nicht, wie alt die sind, die meine Kleider näh'n. The song proved slightly controversial before the Contest, with former entrants. German Sobule: Du bist dran, Julia. You are a very intelligent girl. GermanMit wem bist du da drin? In other words, the place where you get trains going North. GermanUnd er sagte "Keramik - und wer bist du?" Und ich sagte, "Ich bin Bill Strickland. At the close of voting, it had received 9 points, placing 21st in a field of 24 and forcing Austria to qualify from the semi-final at their next appearance. Du bist mein Liebling.

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Du bist eine kabel Freundin, you give everything, if you give You lose yourself. So are you, if you love Young girls, danke. Na, das Freude weckt 99 reduziert," You, you are, only you If rabattcode I touched your hand. Temps time, gut, ramón with para llenarme de ti" That would be a translation of the question" Times, du bist mir die Liebste, morevert. Whoapos, then I know what happens, der Freund applies to male friends only. Du bist mir eine Expertin, s a clever bunny then, and preceding.

Bist du in den Ferien weggefahren?(Fine, thanks.) If you are not feeling well, you can also say: Leider nicht so gut.Halt die Fresse, du bist schwach wie sonst was und ich knnte echt kotzen shut your mouth, you're as weak as anything and I could just throw up "Was fr eine Person bist du?" (note spelling of "fr What sort of a person are you?